Kees van Leeuwen / Visual Artist

'In Praise of Space' - AYUMI GALLERY CAVE, Tokyo.Japan 

Space between objects.
Objects placed in the space without any classification. 
A constructed Landscape. 
One space, One floor, One environment. (Read more)

Exhibition for Mondriaan Fonds Art Rotterdam 2018

In this project he researches the explanation of space as a language which is universally revealed in certain types of buildings. Van Leeuwen explores spaces which have no context without content and in which visitors can project their own ideas. (Read more)

De Geheime Bunker, G.A.N.G., Arnhem

During this residency I have lived next to the nuclear bunker for a month. In opening the doors every morning as a ritual to let in the daylight of this dead space I realised that this former pump-station had no function anymore. (Read more)



De Woeste Gronden #7, G.A.N.G., Arnhem 

Results of the residency project 'De Geheime Bunker' (The Secret Bunker) Exhibited in an old military school at the former military terrain in Schaarsbergen. (Read more)



'Inside Isolation' - Genie Museum, Vught

During his studies, Kees van Leeuwen did research on different nuclear bunkers and made the comparison between the museum space the White Cube versus the Black Cube. (Read more)


PULSE 10, Stichting O.M.S.T.A.N.D. Arnhem

Light and shadow, solo exhibiton in the former batteryspace from the electricity factory in Arhnem, in Museum 5VEP
(Read more)