Pulse 10

Light and shadow, solo exhibiton in the former batteryspace from the electricity factory in Arhnem, in Museum 5VEP

My work is a quest to how a space can show something.
I am searching for spaces and objects which form a break in the pattern of peoples expectations. The space influences the object and the object influences the space.


Nissen Huts are curved corrugated iron sheds, named after the English designer Mr Peter North Nissen, which after use during WWII were left in different places in The Netherlands. The huts are closed spaces, like the closed space of the Geheime Bunker and those in the classical Japanese architecture.

In classical Japanese architecture it is all about how to let the light come into the house. Therefore in Japan shadow is more important than the direct light. Each morning the sliding doors are opened and is determined how much light is coming in. Each evening the sliding doors are slowly closed and then the house is shut off the outside world. This looking at light and shadow I also experienced at the Geheime Bunker. I combined the pictures of Japan with those of the Geheime Bunker.

Playing with shadows it what I show here.