'Inside Isolation'

During his studies, Kees van Leeuwen did research on different nuclear bunkers and made the comparison between the museum space the White Cube versus the Black Cube.

His first solo exhibition in the nuclear bunker at the Geniemuseum in Vught, Kees van Leeuwen, is a continuation of this subject and got the title: ‘Inside the Isolation’.



This title has a direct relation with the function of a bunker: to protect the human being from the outer world. It is a self sufficient space and completely isolated, there is no daylight and no sense of time. This influences the people and the objects within.

With this project Kees van Leeuwen got the possibility to research the bunker itself and the furniture and objects in the bunker which was used as place for storage.

He could search for the leftovers that showed life in the bunker.
Herein lies also his fascination, to see how works of art function in this environment, with the collected items, combined with is own works of art he shows life: what it was and what it could be.

Kees sees in the bunker a building that should not be seen.
A building completely isolated from the outside world, which is fully self sufficient.
It creates a free space, unconnected from the world around it.
With his art he tries to play with ‘estrangement’ and secrecy of what happens inside or what could happen inside.